Solar Visi Chiller

Our customize designed Solar Powered Visi Chillers that operate on independent source of energy with 12/24VDC battery and can provide multiple days of operation in case of overcast weather.

System Components and Working

  • DC Fridge / Freezer
  • Solar Modules
  • Battery Bank (Backup upto 24 hours)
  • Intelligent Charge Controller
  • GSM Monitoring System with Alerts through SMS or EMAIL
  • Optional AC Power Module (Conventional 220V AC Power Grid (WAPDA/GENSET))
  • Web Portal to Monitor Each Unit (Optional)

  • Fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronics
  • Automatically turns off when low input voltage to protect product and will generate notification (SMS , Email)
  • Remotely Updatable LED display as a promotion Banner
  • Security lock equipped
  • Door Sensor (To Count Door Open/Close per day/hour)
  • Direct Connection Capability with DC Power Sources
  • High temperature resistant and energy saving design (Equipment Load only 80 Watts VS Conventional 400 Watts)
  • 1 Year Warranty with local services and online monitoring