Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Daylight Harvesting Solutions


Turn off the Lights When the Sun is Smiling!

Our Acuity brand?s Sunoptics Skylights brings life in your facility by illuminating them with daylight. Our daylight harvest concept entails converting your roof into an Energy saver. Our Dome shaped Skylights are designed to gather sufficient daylight even when the Sun is low in the sky. It conditions incoming sunlight by total diffusion and dispersion which provides optimum natural lighting levels while blocking the harmful UV rays, reduces the heat transfer, eliminates hotspots and glare to a remarkable level.

Why Day lighting?

Numerous studies have shown that daylighting is correlated to dramatic improvements in human performance in retail,workplace and educational facilities.Among the benefits of natural light are:

  • Improved Employee Moral
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Fewer Errors
  • Increased Productivity


Retail : In the retail environment, Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights serve a dual purpose. Daylighting helps control operating costs by reducing electricity use while simultaneously providing full-spectrum natural light with CRIs of nearly 100. There is no better way to display merchandise than incorporating glare-free, diffuse full-spectrum natural light. Only Green One can offer you a holistic daylighting system for retail environments featuring skylights.

Industrial : Warehouses and manufacturing applications are ideal environments for using Sunoptics high-performance prismatic skylights. Daylighting just 4% to 5% of the industrial floor area allows the electric lights to be shut off during 70% to 80% of the daylight hours.

Commercial Office : Daylighting is a great way to bring natural lighting into open-ceiling and suspended ceiling office applications where limited side-lighting is common. Sunoptics skylights are ideal solutions for open-office, small-office, conference rooms, training centers, atriums, and break-rooms.

Education : Daylighting is an effective method for reducing energy costs and providing a better lighting environment that supports learning. Consider using daylighting in classrooms, libraries, corridors, community learning areas and gymnasiums. When you daylight a classroom with an Acuity Brands daylighting system you can have the lights off 70% to 80% of the time.