Rangers Racking System

The Ranger is an automated Pallet shuttle which stores and retrieves pallets on a FILO / FIFO basis.

Pallets are stored in racking ?tunnels? and are handled by the Ranger within the racking structure. This removes the need for Fork trucks to enter the racking; eliminating in-rack damage and speeding up the storage / retrieval process.

  • Efficient system of compact storage for warehouses
  • Optimization of storage, loading and unloading stages
  • Low level of risks or stress to the warehouse operating staff
  • Low level of risks or damage to the equipment -loading machinery and racks
  • Removes the need for special forklift trucks

By using a cart system to transport pallets into the buffer, forklifts no longer need to travel beyond the shipping dock and lane entry. This system provides an automated solution that innovates traditional storage and retrieval operations with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Up to 6 Rangers can be operated by a RF remote control, or an unlimited number via Wi-Fi with a hand held or cab mounted PDA.