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Do you want to be more efficient by maximizing labor efficiency, space utilization, product throughput, ergonomics and safety? Are you short of space for your storage items? Are you looking to re-locate for more storage space? Or re-configure your existing storage to gain more space? If yes, then With our automatic storage solutions you can double your storage capacity in existing premises and you can also achieve increased level of efficiency and safety with our intelligent warehouse management solutions. We provide variety of storage solutions from world renowned storage solution providers who are expert in their areas. We will tailor a storage solution to fit your business today and give you flexibility for the future. Our solutions provide variety of benefits including fast product movement, cost saving, ease of access, apex storage capacity, efficiency and time saving.

Our Solutions


Power Mobile Racking System

Mobile power racking solution provides most efficient way to utilize the storage space and increase the capacity upto 100% i.e.
You can merge two warehouses into single warehouse that results in huge savings of building cost, land, lighting cost, hvac and other utilities.

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Rangers Racking System

The Ranger is an automated Pallet shuttle which stores and retrieves pallets on a FILO / FIFO basis.
Pallets are stored in racking ?tunnels? and are handled by the Ranger within the racking structure. This removes the need for Fork trucks to enter the racking; eliminating in-rack damage and speeding up the storage / retrieval process.

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I-Cube Rack Building or self-supporting warehouses are major works of engineering in which racking itself makes up the building’s structure, together with side and roof cladding. The racking structure supports not only the actual goods and the different building elements but also the thrust of the handling devices and external elements: wind, heavy snowfalls, seismic movements, etc.

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Drive In Racking System

Forklifts enter into the storage lanes of drive-in racking to deposit and extract pallets, which means that operating aisles are eliminated, saving a great deal of space.

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Push back Racking system

As a pallet is loaded from the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one position. The front pallet is removed when unloading and the rear pallets automatically come forward to the front picking position. This allows for easily accessible Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory management.

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Quick Links

  • ICE CREAM SA ? Argentina (Ice Cream)
  • FRIGOSCANDIA ? Denmark (Fruit and Vegetables)
  • REED BOARDALL ? UK (Third Party Storage)
  • WALLS ICECREAM – Indonesia (Icecream)
  • PAGO ? Poland (Frozen Food)
  • AB InBev ? UK (Brewery)
  • AGRI NORCOLD – Denmark (Frozen Food)
  • GRO CONTINENTAL ? UK (Frozen Food)
  • ARDBOE – Ireland (Frozen Food)
  • AMORE PACIFIC – Korea (Healthcare Products)
  • KAHRAMAA – Qatar (Infrastructure Equipment)
  • GOSSNER FOODS – USA (Cheese)
  • QK COLDSTORES – South Africa (Frozen Food)
  • SHA STAR – China (Frozen Food)
  • KELLYS STORAGE ? UK (Self Storage)
  • ALLERGAN ? Ireland (Pharmaceuticals)
  • COCA COLA CLAMART ? France (Soft drinks)
  • TOTAL ANTWERPEN – Belgium (Petrochemical)
  • SPA MONOPOLE – Belgium (Bottled Water)
  • NORDFROST SCHNEIDERKRUG – Germany (Coldstore)
  • ARDO HOLLOGNE SUR GEER – Belgium (Frozen fruit/veg)
  • ARDO VIOLAINES – France (Frozen fruit/veg)
  • ARDO MONLIZ – Spain (Frozen fruit/veg)
  • BONDUELLE SANTAREM – Portugal (Vegetables)
  • AMD VEVEY – Switzerland (Electronics)
  • PRONK JUWEEL AMSTERDAM – Netherlands (Wine / Gifts)
  • BD DIFFUSION (GROUP TNT) ZAVENTEM – Belgium (Distribution)
  • DELI HTL EINDHOVEN – Netherlands (Tobacco)
  • SYNERGIE – Netherlands

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Comparison Chart
Volume need to store 4,000 pallates Number of different units Land area to store 4,000 pallets Stock rotation Damage to loads during handling & storage Speed of accessibility from 1 to 5 (1 = quickest)
Poweracks 18,000 m? 4,000 1,650 m? Random access Low 1
Ranger 24,500 m? 600/800 2,300 m? First in last out / last in first out Low 3
Drive in Racking 24,500 m? 150/200 2,300 m? First in last out Medium 5

Racking Education

What is powered mobile racking?

Powered mobile racking is an electrically powered racking storage bank involving a framed motor base with wheels that move along floor rails with the press of a button or a remote control. Each racking shelf remains compacted until they are required to be accessed and are opened through creating an aisle space in between the two racking blocks.

When should you use mobile racking?
  • If you have limited space for storage.
  • If you want to store double quantity than conventional racking system.
  • Allows 100 % selectivity
Advantages of Powered mobile racking:
  • More storage space aisles which can be moved.
  • Less land space required.
  • Up to 90% of storage space is utilized, maximizing storage space for high land cost situations, such as cold or freezer stores.
  • Can have access to all pallets without having to move other pallets first (FIFO)
  • 100 % Selectivity
  • Each mobile base unit can carry up to 360t of product weight.

Durable: 20 year-old installations still in operation.
Unrivalled capacity: Up to 95 % more capacity than fixed racking
Efficient: Utilizes all available space.
Accessible: Immediate access to every pallet position.
Cost Effective: Dramatic reduction in cost per pallet for the entire facility
Energy Saving: Smaller footprint significantly decrease energy cost.
Retrofit Friendly: Ideal for new or existing warehouses and cold stores.
Adaptable: Works within most constraints.
Expandable: Ideal for multi phase installations.