Cleone Hygiene Solutions

Caring With Hygiene Science!

Our Cleone solutions allow you to maintain a clean & clear aura while making you more comfortable in a hygiene environment. Our Hygiene Solutions emphasizes on our commitment to provide sanitation products that have unique design with latest technology. Our solutions are quick to install and a pleasure to use. They are also natural fit with any modern facility while exceptionally easy to maintain and service. We always strive to continually improve our products, as well as its processes and its service, especially in the areas of environment protection and resource conversation as well as safety requirements.

Seat Cover


  • Solution to prevent the spread of germs & bacteria between users in high traffic restrooms
  • Maintain clean and hygienic toilets with Rulopak toilet seat covers.
  • Sanitized by Rulopak
  • Keep the skin from directly contact on the toilet seat to prevent from any infections.
  • Easy to clean and reduces the waste of time, water.
  • Supports the labor need to keep restrooms clean.

Sensor Paper Dispenser

  • Impact resistance (High quality ABS Plastic)
  • Sensor and button options
  • Ac-Dc auto switch features
  • Works on battery and electric
  • Paper length can be adjustable from 15 cm to 40 cm
  • Adjustable stand by time of giving range of paper
  • Cost effective
  • No cross contamination
  • Activated by IR Sensor

Cimri Toilet Dispenser


  • Designed to reduce consumption and improve cost control and hygiene
  • More hygienic because it dispense the paper sheet by sheet.
  • Rigid, durable design stands up to heavy restroom usage

Foam Soap Dispenser

  • No Direct Contact with Foam
  • No mechanical wear and tear of the product
  • Long Life, Durable design and technology
  • Fully customizable automated product
Add Ons:
Foam Pump K?t: To dispense foam soap
Soap Pump K?t: To dispense lotion, soap, etc.
Spray Pump K?t: To dispense spray soap, sanitizer, etc.
Cartr?dge Opt?ons 1: Refillable Bottle 2 : One Time Using Bag


Fully automatic Dust Bin to promote hygiene by eliminating any type of contact with a waste pin. Intelligent sensors operating with battery opens and closes the lid by detecting motion above it.


  • The capacity of the dustbin is 23 liters, other sizes also available
  • The dustbin lid opens and shuts automatically
  • Sensor activate 15 to 20 cm away
  • Works with 4x ?d?1,5v batteries.
  • Additional open and close button on the lid